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My Writing Projects

From picture books to novels and advertising copy to blog posts, I enjoy writing in various styles.

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Legacy: And other things left behind

Caroline Clark, a talented and successful broadcast journalist, struggles to find balance during a tumultuous time in her life. She seeks guidance from a man she has always relied on—her grandfather. The day she sees him for the last time she contemplates the physical and moral gifts he has given to her over the years, which only causes her to question her own legacy.  

As Caroline's grandfather lay dying she recalls the seemingly mundane experiences that shaped her life. Years of poor decisions driven by selfish ambition and unrealistic romantic expectations lead her on a path of disillusionment and disappointment. Currently plagued by anxiety and surrealistic nightmares, Caroline is left sleep deprived and uptight. She has changed so much from that carefree child that she assumes her grandfather remembers, the simpleminded adolescent that her mother chided and the affable woman that her husband fell in love with. 

Will Caroline be able to reconcile with loved ones after so many insults and bad decisions? Can she find peace despite the consequences? This tragic day becomes a day Caroline will never forget as she struggles with love, death and the crippled relationships that she helped create.

Status: Published
Available: Online through Amazon and Barns & Noble

Pages: 268

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Peep Said, Beep!

Peep is a curious red bird who wants to leave the forest for the city. He finds himself in a colorful place called Tabor Town with lots of lights, circuits and sounds. His excitement turns to concern when he is captured by a robot! Peep wonders if he will ever get out of his cold cage and get back to his cozy nest. Peep makes an unexpected friend who teaches him a new word and a lesson in love.​​

Currently available online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

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Little's Loose Tooth

​Little is a little sheep with one VERY loose tooth! He requests help from all his farmyard friends to pry it out. Will his tooth ever stop hurting? And will he ever get his special surprise from, Glinda, the Tooth Fairy?

This funny coming of age story from toddlerhood to childhood was written by Janna Hudson from an idea by Kathrynn Olivia Hudson after she lost her first tooth!

Available online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

peacock plight book

Peacock's Plight

Pauley Peacock paraded through the forest, proudly displaying his majestic feathers gleaming with emerald, gold, violet and blue. Confidently he commanded the attention of other birds and woodland creatures. All regarded him with envy, or so he thought or wanted to believe. When his splendor is overshadowed by the nightingale song and the eagle's strength, Pauley Peacok's pride is hurt. This poetic rendition of Aesop's fable "Juno and the Peacock" is told with vivid imagery and unexpected surprises.

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G.A.M.E. World

​Initially a covert government organization, DOGMOB, the Department of Genetically Modified Organic Beings, was given control over Pagan Island north of Guam. They were to establish a controlled, secure and private area to conduct Genetically Altered Mythical Experiments. After a decade of research and experimentation, government scientists were able to create an assortment of creatures using human and animal DNA once thought of as mythical. They called these creatures "GAME."

When violent earthquakes compromised the integrity of the compound, an Aussi-American bounty hunter and a Paleoanthropologist were called in to team up with a Genetic Biologist to retrieve a missing experiment- a mermaid. Having escaped the confines of her enclosure, this mermaid along with other GAME, lead the DOGMOB team on a chase toward catastrophic consequences. Their escape threatened to expose the government's top secret experiments and lead the planet on a path of destruction. While DOGMOB attempts to secure support and convince the public they have everything under control, the GAME are free to pursue their own agenda.

Work In Progress


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