• Janna Hudson

The power of open spaces

Open spaces, fresh air, and getting back to nature is just one secret to finding peace in your day. As a writer, illustrator and mother, I have found that simple camping trips, walks to the park or spending time outside doing an activity will help boost my spirits and re-energize my brain. I am a firm believer that our past-times, or recreational activities, are the secret ingredients in creating a happier, healthier life. Whether your interest is in creating music, art, stories, these hobbies can be enhanced when we spend time outside exploring the world around us. So take some time out of your day, go outside and take a deep breath.

Talking with family and friends while sitting on a bench might bring inspiration for a story. Looking at objects outside from a different angle might give me more than just a change in perspective for an illustration, it can provide me with a new perspective on life. Without a doubt, I am more creative after having stopped to smell the roses.

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