• Janna Hudson

Take A Dip into Your Own Wellness

It may be hard to believe, but it takes some convincing to get me to the pool... even in 105* heat. I am such a homebody that sometimes I have to motivate myself to get out and enjoy a couple hours outside with family and friends. Honestly, if I didn't think that a couple hours at the pool would wear out my four kids, I probably wouldn't make the effort. Going to the pool is not only good for your kids and their physical health, it can be good for you, too; both mentally and physically. Spending time outside will give you that time to soak up some Vitamin D, breath in some fresh air and hear the laughter of your little ones as they splash around. So even if it's "too hot" or you're "too busy," make it a point to get up and spend time outside. Be intentional with your time, and remember the moments that truly matter. You'll thank yourself when you do.

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