• Janna Hudson

Catch More than Fish at Your Local Watering Hole

I enjoy spending time outside, but sometimes the Las Vegas heat wants me to cuddle up next to my air conditioning vent. Fortunately, I have a kid that loves spending time outdoors doing things boys do best: play in the dirt, ride his bike and kick/throw a ball around. Mostly though, he loves to fish. So you can bet, this ten year old hand can drag me just about anywhere outside... even my own comfort zone. Recently, we moved back to our old stomping ground on the North West side of Las Vegas, so we are familiar with Tule Springs at Floyd Lamb Park. And ever since our plane landed this past June, my oldest son has been begging me to go. One trip to Bass ProShops later, we were well equipped to master his new rod and reel. During our entire four hour stay, our group only caught one fish... actually my son caught the fish. And I caught the huge wake of joy that flowed from his glowing smile. If you don't think that spending time doing the things others love to do cannot bring you enjoyment, let this be a lesson for you. When others you love are having fun, you will, too! So go catch a fish, or catch some rays. Either way, you will come home with a joy-filled heart.

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