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I'm Janna and here's what I do

No matter the role or project, I’m confident in the skill set I bring to the table. As a writer, I create content for books, blogs and promotional materials. As an artist, I create one-of-a-kind illustrations, paintings or graphic designs. Also, as a public health and safety professional, I have a proven ability to effectively organize and manage public events and activities.

I have developed an art-based wellness program called Stress and Practicing the Art of Self-Expression (SPASE). Designed to improve wellness and community relations among young adults, this program is currently being implemented in North Yorkshire, England. 

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Laptop Writing
Tidy Desk

Books, Poetry, Blog & Ad Copy

Artwork & Graphic Design

Public Health & Safety



Personal Profile

From a young age, I’ve always had a sense of motivation and passion driving me forward. Whether it’s exploring unique opportunities, learning additional skills, or meeting new people, I bring these values to every experience throughout my life on a personal and professional level.

Hi! My name is Janna Hudson. With nearly 10 years experience in advertising and mass media, I am proficient in creating promotional materials and constructing marketing campaigns. As a detail-oriented copywriter and graphic designer, I developed vital branding and typography skills. As a media buyer and sales rep, I learned how to negotiate deals to put the client's brand in a positive light.

My experience in advertising was great, but it was when I worked as a Commercial Sponsorship Coordinator that I discovered the importance of promoting moral, welfare and recreational opportunities. This meaningful work in addition to my travels to Mexico, Thailand, England and other parts of the world is what inspired me to go back to school. Currently, I’m currently pursuing a Master in Public Health degree with a focus on Parks, Recreation and Tourism, along with a Certificate in Safety Management. This continuing education has made me adept at generating research and analyzing data necessary for effective public health programs and promotions. I've also gained valuable insight into effective management strategies and communication skills.

After completing the MPH program, my goal is to work for a company that promotes quality-of-life programs or products; one that attempts to make the world a better place through its use of sustainability efforts and dedication to the environment. My aim is to use my versatile skills to inspire, educate and inform others on how to have fun, be safe and stay productive in places where they live, work and play. 


Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth.