SPASE, or Stress and Practising the Art of Self-Expression, is a series of ten FREE art workshops for young adults,
aged 16-25 at The Station in Richmond, North Yorkshire, England. This program
is designed to connect people with their emotions and others through mindful, artistic expression.

Mission Statement:
The SPASE “art for wellness” program aims to improve the overall mental and physical health, well-being
and quality of life for young adults through art, culture, and community engagement.

"Art for Wellness"

Artists Who Actively Participated:

Rachel Morrell - Acrylic

Keith Rodway  - Charcoal/pastels

Ed Hullah - Charcoal/pastels

Kate Dickinson - Abstract 

Holly Scott - Linocut printmaking 

Des Scott - Acrylic

Scheduled, but unable due to suspension of the Programme
(due to Cornoavirus and temporary closing of The Station):

Allison Webster - Pastels and Watercolour
Nora Yates - Watercolour 

Suzanne Wright - Pottery (figure sculpting)

Lucy Pittaway - Soft Pastels

Rob Shaw - Oil Painting 

Please note that the Artist Showcase scheduled for April 10-22, 2020 has been cancelled
due to social distancing measures and the temporary closure of The Station. 

Find SPASE on Facebook and Instagram for more information and updates.

Thank you to all our participants and volunteer artists!
This program would have not been such a success without your support!

Commercial Project



Stress and Practising the Art of Self-Expression


Artist Showcase

Check out some of the fantastic work created by SPASE programme facilitator and participants!

"Snake" by D.E.
"Family" by D.E.
"Open Wide" by D.E.
Peacock Feather by JH
"5 Stages of Grief" by J.H.
Landscape by LWS
Face by J.D.
Ocean birds by J.D.
"Pink Ink" by J.D.
Landscape by K.G.
"Portrait of Seokjin" by R.D.
"Mindless Prompt" By R.D.

Creative SPASE

Sewing Cloth Face Masks

For this SPASE Art workshop, I went through the steps of sewing a form-fitted, cloth face mask. In the video I discuss lessons learned and best practices to keep you and your family/friends safe with this type of PPE. Keep in mind that social distancing is better in the hierarchy of controls to prevent you from being exposed to the coronavirus.

While not clinical grade, these face coverings will be comfortable, breathable, durable and provide a little extra coverage from any coughs or sneezes. Also, the pattern presented here (provided by a nurse) is great for creating face masks that will fit individuals young and old. The pattern allows for subtle changes to make a custom fit suitable for men, women and children.

Keep your scraps! They are great for making textile art!