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Specializing in Public Health Programs that utilize Social Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to improve families and communities for improved population health, I have developed a number of presentations that make use of evidence-based public health initiatives. One of the lasting results from my MPH practicum is the public health program to improve mental health awareness in young adults called SPASE.

SPASE was an in-person and online resource to help young adults aged 16-25 develop strategies to solve
problems, regulate emotions, and establish helpful patterns of thought and behavior. Through primary and secondary levels of prevention, the long-term objective of SPASE aims to reduce the use of alcohol, narcotics and drugs for stress management, while providing hope to those who are in recovery. 

This young adult resiliency program was designed to help participants reduce anxiety and improve coping mechanisms through relaxation techniques grounded in art therapy. It also introduced mindfulness skills and exercises to stay in the moment, focus, and relax.​ The in-person SPASE art workshops were designed to help young adults develop non-internet-based friendships and engage in a meaningful way. 


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& Then: SASE

& Then is a public health awareness campaign aimed at providing resources and information to young adults aged 16-25. As part of this initiative, a pilot program called Stress and the Art of Self Expression (SASE) was designed to provide young adults the opportunity to explore emotions through art and community engagement. The program consists of 10 weekly workshops that integrate art and public health using social cognitive behavior theory in a fun and meaningful way.